How to Boost Search Engine Rankings with StumbleUpon Traffic

If you are one of the millions of StumbleUpon users, you’ve more than likely realized two truths; the internet is comprised (almost) entirely of funny animal videos and being an active member of the StumbleUpon community is a powerful and organic way to move your site up the rankings ladder.

StumbleUpon was one of the first internet add-ons to use a “like” and “dislike” option that allows the user to create their ideal browsing experience. Stumblers can browse the internet based on preferences and categories; the more you like or dislike, the better recommendation SU will make for you.

Growing Your Circle of Influence

A key feature of SU is the community associated with it; you can connect with thousands, okay millions, of people who are interested in similar things. That is a powerful resource for anyone looking to forge social connections with new influencers.

Subscribe to targeted SU user feeds to view their recent stumbles. Use this resource to find new people to connect with and see what those with similar interests are actually spending time online. You can sort feeds by most recent views, top rated, most shares, and categorized tags. Hello new and relevant content that your circle of influence wants!

Once you stumble (“like” or “dislike”) a webpage you can do two things: view who else liked the page and find out who was the first to “discover” (fancy word for adding a webpage to the StumbleUpon directory) the page. As you stumble and discover relevant webpages you will organically gain subscribers interested in your SU finds and recommendations.

StumbleUpon does not automate following and unfollowing of users; this gives you the opportunity to forge actual relationships with other users. Isn’t that what social networking is supposed to be about in the first place?

So, what now?

StumbleUpon (if used correctly) can offer you targeted traffic that will grow gradually over time. Now that you’ve decided to start stumbling, here are a few tips to help you get the most out of it. 

  1. Personalize your page. When users are browsing the StumbleUpon community, it is imperative that they get a true sense of who you are. SU users do not like spammers and dishonesty. Upload an avatar (a REAL photo, not a graphic or logo). Tell people who you are by filling out the “General” section. (This is a great place for a link to your website or blog, too.)  Share with the community what you like in the “Interests” section.
  2. Join the communities relating to your interests (both personally and professionally). Targeted communities’ equals targeted traffic. And don’t just join them to be one of the cool kids — actually contribute!
  3. Befriend people with similar interests. Adding friends whose pages interest you can be the start of a beautiful relationship: they will likely appreciate the pages that you’re submitting. As you continue to submit great content, users will befriend you and regularly view your stumbled content.
  4. Stumble often. Just submitting and stumbling upon a single page doesn’t bode well for your reputation, and keen users will take notice. Stumble frequently. If people like the pages you’ve stumbled upon or submitted, you’ll likely also be rated highly in the community.
  5. Label and tag your submitted pages appropriately. When you tag your new submissions, be relevant. Pertinent tags will bring you the most targeted traffic from the users who specifically have expressed an interest in the topic you are serving content for.
  6. Do not keyword spam. If your keywords and tags are not relevant to your site your popularity (if any) will be short lived. Tags can be added and removed by community members and spammy keywords do not last long.

3 responses to “How to Boost Search Engine Rankings with StumbleUpon Traffic

  1. Spot on, Ronnie. I have a sneaking suspicion that it's more powerful than we may think. All that traffic is going to pay off, one way or another.

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