My 5 Fave #Election2012 Tweets

Who else isn’t watching election coverage on TV tonight? I’m relying on my Twitter network to keep me in the know about #Election2012.

Being the Social Media nerd I am, three different hashtags are blowing up my TweetDeck and I’m almost overwhelmed by the mix of emotion, humor, facts, and discussion … Know what else is blowing my mind? Some rad examples of social media engagement and promotion in real time. Thanks Obama!

Here are a few of my favorite tweets from You Decide 2012 Presidential Election Night:


Why I like this Tweet: it is downright offensive… but it grabs your attention. It’s risky (and most people aren’t willing to take that bet) but it appears to have worked. 232 Retweets and 41 Favorites — that’s a lot of shares for someone called Cocaine Papii.


Why I like this Tweet: Cristin is a twiend of mine and Community Manager for Chevy. This Tweet shares an interesting statistic as well as a personal element. To me, it shows the perfect line between professional and personal. This is not easy to do.


Why I like this Tweet: Amber is live tweeting the election coverage (thanks girl). Less than a minute after this was Tweeted it was shared. That is the definition of influence! This Tweet, followed by the action of her Follower, reinforces Amber’s online reputation for being ‘in-the-know’. Beautiful!


Why I like this Tweet: Alyssa Milano is a great example of a celebrity who uses Social Media ‘right’. She leverages the platform to bring awareness to causes she believes in and actually shares relevant information with her followers. This single Tweet has over 5K Retweets and over 300 Favorites since 2 PM today (and the night’s not over). This single Tweet as been shared for nine hours and is still going. How many clicks do you think that link received? How many new followers did @stevesilberman get? What I would give to look at that data!


Why I like this Tweet: What a clever way to encourage social sharing — mirror the presidential race with a social competition.

I also think this Tweet is very telling about the alleged success of Obama’s social campaign.

Do you think the RTs from @FollowMeObama are foreshadowing to the actual results? Why or why not? Let me know your thoughts and share your favorite #Election2012 Tweets in the comments.


6 responses to “My 5 Fave #Election2012 Tweets

  1. Great post! I also read the updates on my twitter feed from bed. I posted on my Facebook wall this morning asking my international friends if they used social media for real time updates. I'll keep you posted on those results :).

  2. Oooh yes — please do! I know a lot of people who use Twitter for real time updates (instead of the TV). It will be really interesting to see how this changes marketing and advertising over the next five years.

    Thanks for reading my post 🙂

  3. Honestly, I don't feel as if social was a good indicator of results – Obama had longer to cultivate a following (after all, he was president for the last four years), appealed more to a demographic that was using social (skews social results) and there generally is a silent majority that doesn't tweet/post/share their thoughts either way on the campaign.

    That said – excellent post – I really like the reasons you give as to why those tweets mattered, rather than just rating them based on an entertainment factor 🙂

  4. Thanks for weighing in, Megan. Interesting point! I hadn't thought about Obama having more time in office to create a community. He did have more people on his team dedicated to social, though.

    Thanks for reading my post 🙂

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